Contracting with IEEO


Supplying machines and production lines:

IEEO supplies machinery and production lines from various origins such as: Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea and China, and it also manufactures some of the machines and production lines in Syria.


Contracting Procedure:

1.      Determine the technical specifications of the desired machine or line, according to the customer industrial application. IEEO proposed the appropriate solution and the best origin according to our experience.

2.      Sign the contract, which includes technical specifications, price, and delivery period, and any other conditions.

3.      Receive the down payment upon signing a contract. Typically the down payment is 30% - 50% of the total contracting value.

4.      Upon receipt of the down payment, The manufacturing machines starts according to the contract.

5.      When the machines are ready, we will send photos or videos the machine running to ensure compliance with the required specifications.

6.      When the machines are ready for shipment, we shall receive the remaining balance which is usually 50% - 70% of the total contracting value. Machinery will be packed and shipped to the buyer’s factory.

7.      According to the buyer’s request, IEEO sends a technical team to supervise the installation and operation of the machines. The buyer is responsible of the travel and accommodation costs of the technical team.

8.      The technical team train workers in the buyer’s factory how to operate and maintain the machines.

9.      IEEO is committed to life-long after-sales services, including the maintenance or supplying spare parts.

Payment Method :

In general, the accepted method of payment is:

·         30% - 50% down payment upon signing the contract

·         50% - 70% balance after the manufacturing of the machines, before shipping.

Installation and training:

The buyer must ensure that his factory is ready to install the machines in terms of infrastructure such as electricity, water, drainage, air compressor, and other basic equipment of the installation of the machines.

The buyer must also ensure that he is ready to run the machines in terms of the availability of raw materials that will be used for the production process. In addition to the workers who will be trained how to operate the machines.

When everything is ready, the buyer will notify IEEO with the arrival of machines and the readiness of his factory.

IEEO will send the technical team to the buyer's factory, to supervise the installation and operation.

The team will train the workers how to operate and maintain the machines and take care of it. The workers to be trained must have a good basic experience in machinery. We cannot train workers without previous experience.

The buyer is responsible of the travel and accommodation costs of the technical team.

Warranty, spare parts and after-sales service:

All IEEO machines are guaranteed for one year after the date of operation. The buyer must run the machine within one year after delivering the machines or he will lose the warranty.

IEEO offers warranty against mechanical and errors resulting from poor manufacturing. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or resulting from the electrical errors.

IEEO send a set of spare parts with the machine, specially the wearing parts. Note that we always use the world-top-class parts in order to ensure the lowest possible failures.

In case of a failure due to a part malfunction, the part must be replaced with spare parts already sent with the machine, or we will send it to the buyer if it was not available at buyer’s factory.

During the warranty period, spare parts are sent for free and the buyer will pay the shipping cost only. After the warranty, the customer has to pay for the part, maintenance, and shipping cost.

Usually there is a lot of alternative solutions. For example, if the broken part can be found in the local market, you can purchase it directly to avoid the time and money losses.

In case of mechanical breakdowns in the machine, IEEO will cooperate with the buyer to identify and repair the fault.


Note that we provide after-sales services for life. We are looking forward to deepen the trust and confidence with our customers, because we know that the good reputation is the key of success.