About us


Industrial Equipment Engineering Office (IEEO) is a consultancy establishment, works in the field of manufacturing and importing machinery and production lines. IEEO utilize the knowledge of its experienced staff to guide its customers to determine and specify their factories requirements, and to advise the best suggested solutions for new projects or expansion of existed projects. IEEO leads the way from A to Z, also offers the guarantee of the machines and production lines, supervise the manufacturing, shipping, installation and training processes, also the after-sale service.

Since its establishing in 1995, IEEO worked hard to establish its work commitment to transparent and trust relations with its customers, and putting all the efforts in the best of the customers professionally and perfectly. Thus earning trust and achieving satisfaction with its customers.

Since the beginning, we have planned to share all technical information to all who want to establish or extend his project, so that, we established our unique website with many details and educational videos and articles. We are proud of the winning of the most important first prize in the field of informatics in the Arabic region.

We get the advantage of our location, being in the Middle East and Arabic region, to get a closer look at the investment opportunities and various project ideas, also realizing the industrial market needs. Our practical and technical methods with accumulated experience allow us to propose integrated solutions, achieving success to our customers.

We have supplied machines to: Syria, Saudi Arabic, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Oman.

IEEO was established in Aleppo, Syria at 1995. The company registered in Gaziantep, Turkey at 2012. The company is a member of Aleppo chamber of commerce and industry since 1990, also a member of Aleppo engineering union, and a number of businessmen congresses.

We are looking to achieve a better future, and aiming to expand our range to all Arabic markets, and maintain our reputation as one of the best machinery suppliers in Arabia region.

Our customer trust and confidence in presenting the best and achieving high outcome is our motive to improve our services and update our working plans.

Eng. Saeed Nahhas